Let’s learn about CLASSIFICATION: what is it and why is it important.

To classify means to organize things in groups, according to a chosen criteria.

But why? Why should we classify (organize) things? For example because it’s much easier to find what we need, to study what we need…
Brainstorming: What can be classified? Why? – things in the supermarket, books in the library, clothes in a clothes shop,…. Think how difficult it would be to find any thing without the objects being organized!

at the supermarket – you find orange juice among other DRINKS, apples among other FRUIT, chocolate among other SWEETS, etc.

at the library – the books are organized by the author’s name following the alphabetical order, also they are organized by genre: HISTORY, FANTASY, TRAVEL BOOKS, COMICS, etc.

Let’s watch together the first part of this fantastic VIDEO about CLASSIFICATION created by Make Science Easy Youtube channel:

Now each of your students can try to organize (classify) the objects on his/her desk according to different criteria: colour, shape, size, use, …